Development Has Led To The Achievement Of Clay Refractory Bricks

In recent years, with the new technology of iron and steel smelting (such as furnace desulfurization, re-blowing converter, high-power electric furnace, furnace refining, continuous casting, etc.) to promote the use of large, continuous and efficient advanced equipment put into production,

Working conditions worse, to promote the development of refractory brick industry to produce impurities used to eliminate impurities, expand the variety of steel to improve the smelting effect of the "functional refractory brick" stage. These refractory bricks themselves have become one of the components of the smelting process. The performance of such refractory bricks is higher (sufficient mechanical strength at high temperatures, corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance, etc.), dimensional tolerances are very strict. Manufacturing such refractory bricks, from the original to the equipment, from the production process to the detection means, have broken through the traditional refractory brick production methods, and some have entered the high-tech areas of precision ceramics. Therefore, people must update the traditional concept of refractory bricks.
China's clay refractory brick has been able to achieve these achievements, and the Soviet experts can not help inseparable. After the arrival of the Soviet Union in the national economy, because the refractory brick support is not needed, had to order abroad; China must Well accept this lesson, to ensure that the needs of the country's economic development in a booming country are rapidly changing.

In the past, we work in the fire brick, simply consider to meet the needs of the steel industry, other aspects rarely considered; Soviet experts will have our non-ferrous metals, cement, chemicals, power industry and transportation and other aspects of the development of all As a prerequisite for considering our plan. Because the national economic development, is ring connected, with each other, are indispensable. As a result of the experts' revelation, so that we in the work, and gradually establish a long-term perspective and comprehensive view. The past two years, with the continuous high-speed industrial development, China's clay refractory in the refractory industry has made great achievements!


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