Decong Community To Carry Out Ultra - Light Clay Hand DIY

"Hand is the mirror of thought, is the creator of consciousness, is the creator of wisdom", with good hands-on ability of the children's overall development has a great help. June 25 afternoon, Zhangjiagang City Wheelock community activities indoor full of people, packed, laughter constantly, full of a strong learning atmosphere, more than 20 community residents sitting together to learn ultra-light clay DIY production.

Activities on the scene, first of all to explain the characteristics of ultra-light clay and basic skills, the staff of the simple grouping of everyone, the group as a unit were produced ultra-light clay works, three bunch of five groups, Or to the staff to ask, or a separate thinking about the production of objects and color, by kneading, pinching, rubbing, paste, tear, twist and other actions, to play their own imagination, with ultra-light clay to produce octopus, Rabbits, cactus and other forms of different animal and plant modeling, and soon a vivid work was born, the scene is full of sense of accomplishment and joy.
Through the ultra-light clay DIY production activities, not only exercise everyone's practical ability, cultivate the sense of unity and cooperation, but also play the imagination, improve their creative thinking ability, in accordance with the activities required, each player should leave their most satisfied The work shows the sale of the sale, the scene many people have left a lot of works, when the staff asked them why they do not take these beautiful works home, there is a child blinking eyes so that "I hope to stay some more here, so that more People to enjoy, to help more people, I have learned to go home and mother can do with a! "This answer is a good interpretation of the purpose of this event, so that everyone in the study of hand-made at the same time to enhance neighborhood communication , Passing the power of love.


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