New Green Clay Clay Refractory Bricks

Clay refractory bricks are inorganic non-metallic materials, its products are mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, nonferrous metals, chemicals, machinery, electricity and other high-temperature industrial production process, is an indispensable high-temperature industrial base material, in the national economic construction, High temperature industrial development has an irreplaceable important role.

China clay refractory brick industry healthy development, has grown, the scale of production has been ranked first in the world for many years. China's clay production enterprises above designated size has 2000, located in addition to Tibet, other provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, forming a complete refractory industrial system. And China's refractory products have been fully able to meet the needs of domestic industry, and can replace imported refractory products.

Financial crisis, domestic and international economic situation is complex and changeable, especially since the third quarter, the global economic situation deteriorated sharply, clay refractory brick industry has not been immune. Overall, in 2008 resistant clay refractory brick production industry running smoothly, refractory production 24,174,800 tons.

With the overall improvement of China's economic strength, China's clay refractory industry in the world's refractory industry status is also rising, China's clay refractory brick production of the product variety and the total, not only to meet the domestic high-temperature industrial production, development Demand, the output ranked first in the world, and exports of refractory products are increasing year by year, products throughout the Southeast Asian countries and the Americas, the European Union, Russia and other 150 countries (regions).

New type of green and energy-saving clay refractory brick will become the future trend of the development of clay refractory brick industry, unshaped refractory materials, chrome-free refractory materials, new insulation refractory materials will benefit from industrial development policy, will become the future rapid development of the main product.


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