Concerned about the importance of policy response

Enterprises in the development process to accept the relevant government laws and regulations of the guidance and management, by the current policy constraints and support. For example, the project fund declaration, in the NDRC request project fund application materials, there is a company policy and management system, must have a very perfect corporate rules and regulations may apply to the country's project fund support. Similarly, many project bidding also need to provide the company's rules and regulations, and as a test of whether the company is one of the criteria.

Therefore, the establishment of a sound and effective management of the rules and regulations are the need for competition, but also the company's own development needs. A comprehensive and effective management rules and regulations are the prerequisites and necessary conditions for the establishment of a modern company. It is the fundamental guarantee for tapping the company's potential, playing the company's performance, stimulating the enthusiasm of the employees, enhancing the company's cohesion, establishing a good image of the company and comprehensively strengthening its competitiveness.


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